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You can transform your investing success today


I’m going to show you how to transform your investing success. 

Nothing less.

I’m not just going to show you – I’m going to make it easy for you.

I will show you the evidence of extraordinary profits.  Not from you taking daft risks.  But extraordinary profits from ordinary funds.

What sort of person are you?

I don't think I'm going out on a limb if I assume you are not the sort of person who accepts mediocrity.

You want your money to work a lot harder for you.

I am now going to make that very easy for you.  
Not by you taking daft risks.  

But by helping you make vastly better decisions - and I'm going to show you how powerful this will be.

My promise is that by taking advantage of the new FundExpert you will transform your portfolio, your SIPPS, your ISAs or wherever else you buy funds... 

...whether you are a novice or millionaire - cautious or adventurous.

There is great potential, I know that with certainty.  I will vividly illustrate that shortly. 

This potential is life-changing, as I will show you.

So what's the problem?

The statistics speak for themselves:

- 92% of all investment funds are mediocre at best (1)

- This is even worse than it appears because investors buy and sell at just about the worst possible time. (2)

Can you imagine being able to simply and consistently identifying the 8% of funds with the greatest potential.

And having the means to identify the best times to buy?

That is the new FundExpert.

Introducing new, proven strategies

I will make your investing a lot less stressful and, for many, a lot less time-consuming.

You might like to build your own portfolio, in which case I will provide you with a straightforward yet potent process for uncovering funds with outstanding potential to fit into your portfolio.

Or you might like a bit more guidance, in which case there will be a selection of very powerful portfolios, and the team and I will report on the ins and outs with great clarity, week after week.

It will also be less stressful because when there are market wobbles, we will alert you, and let you know what action is needed.

And it will be a lot more efficient.  When you need to review your funds, probably every 6 months, our new smart technology will nudge you into action.

These are all really quick wins for you – less stress, less wasted time, greater clarity, greater efficiency, better use of the latest technology.

Enjoy your success

But the really big win isn’t simply that potential for considerable extra growth – it’s about enjoying that extra money.  Your investing success creates new potential in your life:

- whether helping kids and gran kids,
- having great holidays,
- paying off debt,
- being able to help good causes

All of these become possible.

What is stopping you? 

Who or what is stopping you achieving this great potential?

Our research has highlighted that 92% of funds are mediocre at best.


But it isn’t the fund groups that are the enemy.

There is complacency within the wider investment industry, if not also some ignorance.  But they aren't the problem either. 

Processes to invest succcessfully are actually very clear, and have been well documented over decades by the likes of Harvard and Yale and London Business School and the very best practitioners. 

The main problem for investors like you and I is that life intervenes – even if you start off with a great process for selecting funds, will you stick with it?  Year in year out?  Without fail?  The evidence is very clear on this – the odds are that you will not stick with it – that is until now.

This is where the new FundExpert is designed to work with you, and transform your focus.

The missing ingredient

We have developed our unique "Buddy Service" to ensure you don't miss out on all of this potential.  

We are going to provide your discipline.  If that sounds harsh, think of it as a kindly nudge, a prod, a guiding hand.  We will ensure you stay focussed when it's necessary, and not irritate you when it isn't.​​​​​​​

When you need to review your funds, probably every 6 months, our new smart technology will nudge you into action.

When there are market wobbles, we will alert you, and let you know what action is needed, if any.

These are all really quick wins for you – less stress, less wasted time, greater clarity, greater efficiency, better use of the latest technology.

Our Buddy Service is exclusive to Gold Members.   

We will nudge you into action when otherwise life might be a distraction, and remind you what you are doing and why – we are going to make this really easy for you – in a way that no one else can.

Designed to transform your investing success

How do I know what you need? 

Because people like you told me,
 and told our team, and we listened. 

I have had some great feedback and ideas over the last year or so, and we’re going to give you what you want.

In a nutshell…

FundExpert fans told me they profited handsomely from our input – but they want more.  

They don’t just want our revealing fund rating system, the acclaimed Dynamic Fund Ratings.

They said they wanted a range of proven portfolios, and absolute clarity around that portfolio.

You’re a busy person, and sometimes life intrudes and upsets your best plan…

So we will tell you what's in, and what's out, in a clear and timely manner.

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Cautious or aggressive?
Experienced or beginner?

Whatever category you fall into, you will unlock your potential - we will make sure of that.

There will be a range of fantastic portfolios, each with proven records of outstanding success, and at least one to suit almost every discerning investor.  

For example, I know that some of you are quite cautious while others are much more aggressive – these new portfolios will meet both needs, and many more besides.

We will monitor these week after week, and send you timely reviews and alerts when needed – you told us you want this level of detail, delivered regularly – that’s what we’re going to do.

You said you want us to make it easier for you to exploit the huge potential which exists, and that is what we will do. 

There is huge potential right in front of you, just waiting for you to act. 

Much better decisions - starting from now

Right now I am going to show you two examples of the extraordinary extra growth which we will help you unlock – as you will see, this wasn’t achieved through taking daft risks, but by simply making better informed decisions, and doing so consistently from year to year.

The first example is our Dynamic Cautious Portfolio, where we select funds from the Cautious funds sector, now uninspiringly called the "Mixed 20-60% Shares" fund sector.

Here are the results where we used our process to select outstanding funds.

If you invested £100,000 in 2000, the worst possible time to invest, you generated an EXTRA £192,340 compared to the average Cautious fund (i.e. £384,950 vs £192,610 to December 2016).  

It gets better.  Our Dynamic Cautious Porfolio also provided more than twice as much growth as a stock market index tracker, with almost half the level of volatility. Impressive.

This is a fantastic outcome - you certainly didn't sacrifice chunky growth by taking a lot less risk.

£192,340. Extra

How much would you pay for the service
which creates that potential for you?

It gets better with this second example.  One of our earliest pieces of research focussed on UK growth funds, by far the most popular funds (which populate the UK All Company fund sector).

It covered the 20 years from 1994 to 2014, and here's what we uncovered assuming you invested £100,000 in 1994.

Invested into the average UK growth fund £100,000 became £370,668 - which doesn't sound terrible.  (For the avoidance of doubt this is all after charges.)

What if you had a simple, proven, process for selecting funds and applied it consistently?

Then your £100,000 grew to £1,179,114.

£808,446. Extra

And our in-depth research stretching back to the early 1990s informs us that there is a 92% probability of you doing better than average by applying this process, compared to the average fund.  

The "process" is our powerful Dynamic Fund Ratings, which I referred to earlier.  Whether you are building your own portfolio, or selecting from one of ours, this is what drives your considerable extra profits. ​​​​​

How much would you pay someone
who could deliver the potential of an
 extra £808,446?

Quite a few thousand pounds a year surely?

And it’s not just the money – it’s less stress, greater efficiency, more confidence.

How much do you spend on High Street coffees each month?  £50?

Wine or beer?  £50?  £100?

On eating out?  £100?  £200?  £500?

Sky subscription?  £80?

What if a service transformed your investing potential, and your life opportunities, and cost less than all of these? 

And had a Money Back Guarantee?

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And there is more


I want this to start working for you right from the start.  So every month, from the first month, I will host a live teleconferences so that you can ask your most pressing questions.

And these teleconferences are just one element of our unique Buddy Service.


Unlock your potential with a clear process to uncover outstanding funds

Powerful and proven portfolios, regularly reviewed and updated for you

Alerts when you need to pay more attention

Smart technology to nudge you into action, because you have a busy life

Our unique Buddy Service: featuring personal feedback from me, every month 

I'm giving it away!

You pay just £1 for the first month

And just £29.20 per month after that

That’s a 40%+ discount off the official monthly cost of £49.99

Seriously - at £1 do you have a good reason to not do this? No?  I think you’ll love it.

Remember, only £1 to get you going.

​​​Plus​ Money Back Guarantee*​​​​​​ 

I am so confident you will benefit hugely  that if you don’t think you are getting great value, you can cancel at any time in the first 12 months and you get your money back – no quibbling, no hidden extras.  


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"Direct, straightforward approach and...tremendous independent research on funds, which was crucial in using your services"
- J Abraham
"Your research always casts much needed light on a complex area for decision making."  
- S Lockerbie
"The most important feature for me was your reputation. It is not easy to get people to trust you these days."
- P Rosevear
Note 1: Vintage fund report 2014. 92% of unit trusts/OEICS failed to be in the top 40% of performance in their sector for at least 60% of the time. We do not believe that this is a demanding benchmark, but only 8% of funds met it.

Note 2: Dalbar Report 2014. This report analyses actual investor performance. For example, over the past 20 years, "equity fund" investors in the US achieved an average 2.02% annualised return, which is 4.2% less than the 9.22% that he/she could have achieved by simply investing funds in an S&P500 index-tracking fund. The problem was investors jumping into and out of the market at the worst times.

*Money Back Guarantee is valid once per individual within first 12 months

Capital Risk: The value of funds and the income from them can fall as well as rise as a result of market or currency fluctuations, and you may not get back the amount originally invested.  Past performance is not a guide to future performance.  Please ensure that you read the Key Features and full product literature (on the pages after the applications) before choosing to make an investment. In particular, some funds might have special risks (such as the ability to defer withdrawals) and you should make yourself aware of these. All funds have the right to suspend dealings in extreme circumstances. 

This is not personalised advice: Information shown here and on the wider website should not be taken as personalised advice or a recommendation to make an investment decision.  No liability is assumed for any use, or misuse, of the information presented on this website, whether by FundExpert or Dennehy Weller & Co.
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